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In order to help our trainees achieve their goals, we run 3 social enterprises:

Cleaning - ‘Sweepers’, Catering - SRA Caterers, Printing - The Copyshop and also provide help to become more IT literate.

What we offer

Our goal is to help use individual's strengths to recover from illness, to take control of their lives, have more choice, be part of the community and stay well. Providing a structure and getting involved in activities goes a long way to promoting recovery. In addition, our programme also helps to build confidence, concentration, stamina, social skills, manage stress and all the other skills required to have a more fulfilled life. All our energies are focussed on helping people to move out of the mental health system and remain well.

The Pathway at SRA

A start date at SRA is usually planned within a few days of completing a referral form. We then help to establish some goals and identify how they can be achieved, with our help. Achieving outcomes that are meaningful to you is crucial. These usually include getting engaged in activities outside of SRA such as courses and social opportunities, whilst still attending SRA. We can access a wide network of providers. Up to date knowledge is essential when looking for a job and shows motivation.

Induction & Review

The first 4 weeks at SRA is to engage with staff and the other trainees with our support. We think it’s important to develop good relationships, particularly with staff so that they can help with recovery. The first day includes an induction programme, meeting all the staff and learning about our policies and procedures.

After the first four weeks, each trainee completes a Recovery Star, a type of self-assessment to help set some goals. Both the Recovery Star and the Mental Wellbeing questionnaire will be completed every 6 months, to review progress.


On-the-job training will begin in the chosen department – catering, cleaning, printing, IT, or reception/admin. Time can be split between departments, mornings/afternoons or both.

Session Times:
Morning 9:30am to 12:00 noon
Afternoon 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Lunch 12:00 noon

We initially require attendance of a minimum of four half days a week. Motivation is important and whilst here trainees will also gain confidence and self-esteem, develop skills and knowledge, access educational and other activities to help to recover and move on to open employment/volunteering/education/leisure activities.

SRA provides a free lunch on the days attended and a reward of £2.50 for every session attended up to £20.00 a week. This will be paid into a bank account. We will also pay bus fares if the trainee does not have a Freedom Pass. We can help with applications for Freedom Pass/Oyster Cards, budgeting and other day to day issues.

Offsite training and activities

As part of our programme there are opportunities to update knowledge. Some of this is mandatory, for example, Basic Food Hygiene if working in catering. Other training, such as Health and Safety, Customer Care, literacy and numeracy and IT will help in moving forward. Attending accredited courses shows motivation and prepares for return to full or part-time education, volunteering or work. We also offer the opportunity to get involved in other activities. We have an extensive network of providers that we can introduce trainees to, such as art/music projects, peer support, Timebank etc.

Moving On

Once goals at SRA have been achieved trainees move on to full time education, volunteering or open employment. Our aim is to move away from the mental health system and live a productive and fulfilling life. We offer ongoing support to plan and implement this move as well as continuing support after leaving SRA if needed.

‘We don’t have a deadline for people using our service, but we expect you to achieve your goals and move on when you are ready’

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