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A Trainee's Story


"When I first came to SRA I was a little worried but I soon lost the nerves. Initially my timekeeping was not great and I was arriving late. But this gradually got better as I learnt to manage my time. I have developed and improved my IT skills, concentration and confidence.


One of the advantages of SRA is that they give you a small financial reward every time you attend, great free lunches and hot drinks.


While I have been here things have changed for me with support from SRA. Apart from improving my time keeping and managing my time better, I now have a Passport, a Bank Account and a Freedom Pass. I have moved into my own flat and only need low support there instead of 24 hour high support. I have started to do lots in the community. Firstly, I successfully completed a gardening course to update my knowledge and skills which was arranged by SRA. I now work in a couple of gardens during the week which I really enjoy and feel I make a very positive contribution. I have also attended other courses arranged by SRA which I have found very useful.


It’s time to move on now to concentrate on my gardening which I hope to build up as time goes on. I don’t need all the support I have been getting. Perhaps get a paid job. If I need help I can always contact SRA. I will miss the friends I have made there and the great times I have had."

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